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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thug professor of feminist studies

UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh writes:
My co-blogger David Bernstein e-mailed me to note the department in which the thug role model professor who stole the anti-abortion sign — and apparently assaulted a protester — teaches. It’s not a department of women’s studies, but a department of feminist studies. ...

But a Department of Feminist Studies, it seems to me, by definition limits itself not just to a single subject of study, but to a single ideology or closely connected bundle of ideologies. It means that the department is guaranteed to exclude faculty and even students of other ideological views. (Ideologically skewing happens to some extent in lots of contexts already, but here it seems to be baked into the definition of the department in a particular sharp way.) And it puts the university’s scholarly imprimatur on one ideology — and perhaps even just particular versions of that ideology — to the exclusion of its rivals.
The feminist professor is under police investigation for attacking pro-life students.

Update: Theft, assault, and vandalism charges filed.

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