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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Time to Take Back the Senate

Of all the offices up for grabs in this election year, none is more important than United States Senator. President Obama picks radicals for vacancies in the judiciary and federal agencies, but Democratic control reduces the Senate to a rubber stamp for these controversial nominees, mocking the constitutional obligation of “Advice and Consent.” With Harry Reid in charge, we can be sure the Obama administration will never be held to account when it unilaterally changes or declines to enforce the law, and legislation that limits the power of government and protects traditional values will never see the light of day.
November’s elections offer a chance for change. With a Republican majority, President Obama could no longer expect his radical nominees to sail to confirmation. Instead, he could be faced with pro-liberty, pro-family legislation that he would have to either sign or veto. To that end, Eagle Forum has endorsed these six strong conservatives who will not only contribute to a Republican majority but will fight for legislation that protects our constitutional rights and cherished values.
Georgia: Paul Broun
Louisiana: Rob Maness (press release)
Mississippi: Chris McDaniel (press release)
Nebraska: Shane Osborn
South Carolina: Tim Scott
South Dakota: Mike Rounds
To see a complete list of Eagle Forum’s 2014 endorsements, and to stay updated on these and other Senate races, please visit http://www.eagleforum.org/election/endorse.html.

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