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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Trade Treaties Are a Bad Deal

Barack Obama has been demanding that Congress hurry up and approve two foreign trade treaties with a dozen countries that his pals have negotiated in secret, and which will produce jobs in foreign countries but lose jobs in the United States. It's bordering on insanity to give Barack Obama any more executive power after he has so flagrantly misused what he has.

While Obama publicly urges corporations to "insource" jobs in the United States, he is promoting the "outsourcing" of good American jobs to foreign countries. For example, the Obama Administration sent taxpayers' money to the Philippines to train foreign workers to speak English so they can take jobs in U.S. call centers. The U.S. Agency for International Development financed a program called the Job Enabling English Proficiency to train 23,000 people in the Philippines to fill U.S. jobs. 500,000 call-center jobs have been outsourced to foreigners.

One of the most devious parts of these trade treaties is that they will force the U.S. and other countries to "harmonize" food safety standards. That means we and others will be required to use the lowest common denominator standard of all the dozen participating governments. This could require us to import seafood, beef and chicken products that don't meet basic U.S. food-safety standards. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration would be powerless to shut down imports of unsafe feed or food ingredients and, if it tries, multinational corporations can sue the U.S. for loss of profits.

The trade treaties require the U.S. to use legislation, lawsuits, and cutting off federal funds, in order to force the states to comply with rules made by non-Americans. Free trade continues to mean foreigners get jobs, investment and prosperity, while Americans are the losers.

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