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Monday, March 17, 2014

Who Are the Story Killers?

Teachers and parents who are interested in details of the new Common Core standards that are now being implemented nationwide, have been reading a new book by Professor Terrence Moore of Hillsdale College called "The Story Killers." Dr. Moore has become one of the most popular speakers about Common Core because he talks about the books and documents actually used in Common Core classes.

Dr. Moore starts out by saying that the "crisis in literacy" is "the result of schools not teaching students to read properly." About 1960 the schools banned the teaching of phonics and moved to a phony system called Whole Language, which taught kids to guess at the words by looking at the pictures.

In the Common Core curriculum, schools are replacing great literature with so-called "informational texts" and recent writings by authors nobody ever heard of. Dr. Moore gives an example of students being assigned to read "a history of the grocery bag while they could instead be reading Homer or Shakespeare or Dickens." If occasionally a valuable literary work slips into the curriculum, Common Core ruins it for the students by making them dissect it with boring exercises in a mechanical way, including asking them irrelevant questions on race, sex, or other political or social issues that have little or nothing to do with the text.

One of the stories taught in the Common Core is about a woman who got the news that her husband was killed in an accident. After a couple of tears, she rejoices in her new freedom now that she is liberated from husband and marriage. She relishes her new independence and the opportunities ahead of her. That depressing anti-marriage story is a good example of the way Common Core is designed to inflict school children with feminist bias against marriage.

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