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Thursday, April 03, 2014

A Closer Look at Common Core

This week, the Home School Legal Defense Association released a documentary about the Common Core entitled Building the Machine. Through interviews with education experts both for and against the standards, the film reveals how Common Core eventually won adoption in 45 states. Through secrecy, the ready use of federal education grants, and a commitment to portraying the effort as state-driven, supporters of the Common Core pushed through their centralized vision of education, taking away power from states and local communities in the name of "college and career readiness" nationwide.

In examining this process, Building the Machine considers the heart of the matter: what is the goal of education? In the eyes of President Obama, Education Secretary Duncan, Bill Gates, and others, education should prepare children for the workforce, making obedient and productive employees. Certain of this goal, they use their considerable resources to shape the American educational system in their image. It is up to those who disagree - those who believe that education should produce not merely good employees but good citizens and good family members - to speak up and exercise their right to shape the education of our children.

To view the documentary, visit http://commoncoremovie.com/. To see more of Eagle Forum's opinions on the issue, visit http://www.eagleforum.org/topics/common-core.html.

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