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Friday, April 11, 2014

Frigid Winter Chills Global Warming

This past winter dumped more snow on the Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis than ever before in its recorded history. Chicago suffered the third snowiest and the third coldest in all recorded history.

The cold weather has harmed more than people. Cars have a hard time in weather that is so cold, as batteries stopped working, tires lost air, and windshields cracked. Even wildlife suffered, with reports that injuries to ducks were higher this winter.

The price for natural gas increased because of the surge in demand, and heating bills for families soared, doubling in some areas compared with the previous winter.

This past winter was so cold that even birds became desperate to find food. As temperatures dropped again and again to sub-freezing levels in Wisconsin, birds were seen eating berries that they do not normally like.

The biggest casualty of this unusually cold winter has been the alarmists who predicted a crisis in global warming. In 1988, Dr. James Hansen of the Goddard Institute for Space Studies told Congress that the world would undergo a significant warming. In fact, temperatures did not increase as predicted. According to satellite measurements, there has been no global warming at all in the past 17 years. The theory of global warming which liberals claim to be “settled science,” has been thoroughly debunked and disproven by the evidence.

Climate change researchers even journeyed to Antarctica this winter to seek evidence for their claims, but they got embarrassingly stuck in massive amounts of sea ice instead it took a costly operation to rescue them with helicopters, and afterward the public was left wondering who would pay the bill.

The real cost of false claims of global warming is far greater than the price tag for saving some misguided researchers from sea ice. Fortunately, this year’s cold winter educated a lot of the public about the lack of global warming.

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