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Monday, April 28, 2014

Keeping the Internet in American Hands

When the Commerce Department announced on March 14th that it planned to cede the Internet to international oversight, a backlash immediately ensued. As Phyllis Schlafly noted, allowing an international body to regulate the Internet Corporation to Assign Names and Numbers (ICANN) would open the World Wide Web to censorship by thuggish regimes while advancing the globalist agenda. Conservatives spoke up loudly against the move, but individuals and institutions on the left, such as Bill Clinton and the Washington Post editorial board, also expressed their doubts.
In light of these criticisms, the Obama administration has offered assurances that the transition to international regulation would only proceed after careful vetting. Considering the administration’s sorry record of broken promises, as well as its ineptitude on the world stage, stronger measures are in order. That’s why H.R. 4367, the Internet Stewardship Act sponsored by Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA), makes sense. It is simple and clear: the Commerce Department cannot cede regulation of the Internet without specific authorization from Congress. If you would like to see the Internet remain in US hands, encourage your congressman to support H.R. 4367.

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