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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

More About The Story-Killers

The new education fad called Common Core being implemented in 45 states and the District of Columbia. Common Core is a top-down scheme hatched by two Washington, D.C. lobbying organizations, promoted by wealthy philanthropists, and pushed by federal bureaucrats. These uniform standards will eventually result in a national curriculum because schools will have to “align” to required tests. Common Core mandates collection and distribution of personally identifiable student information. It ends local control of education, and invades student privacy. Common Core promoters argue that we must adopt its standards or else students won’t be “career and college ready” and unable to succeed in “twenty-first century global competition.” Common Core promotes “job training” and “workforce preparation.” But education is not only about getting a job, nor is it only about attending college. Education is meant to prepare individuals for life as well-informed and independent citizens.

The author of a new book called The Story Killers, Dr. Terrence Moore, suggests there is a “crisis in literacy” that is the result of “schools not teaching students to read properly since about 1960,” and every experimental fad has been a “disaster.” Common Core replaces great literature with inferior recent works, and relies heavily on informational texts. When a valuable literary work slips in, Common Core ruins it for students by making them tear it apart with boring exercise to “compare and contrast.” The author recommends giving American kids a traditional, classical, liberal education. He suggests high school curriculum based on primary sources and original documents, and from authors of “the best that has been thought and said and done and discovered.”

The Common Core curriculum has a heavy focus on “informational texts,” so students don’t have time to read great literature. Common Core suggests, for example, that students read the “history of the grocery bag” when they could be reading Shakespeare. Parents should be aware that Common Core is another fad that will waste taxpayer money and fail to educate students.

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