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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Shriver Report Gets It Wrong

Last winter, the left wing outfit called the Center for American Progress released The Shriver Report. It’s presented as a report on women’s financial hardships, but it’s only another attempt by the feminists to convince the American people that men are waging a war on women. The central message is that women are victims of an unfair patriarchy, and the only solution to their problem is big government and more handouts.

There’s no focus on the actual reasons for the challenges American women face. Instead, the report maintains the feminist myth that society is somehow unfair to women. It’s no surprise that it cites the famous falsehood about a wage gap. Of course, the report never mentions that even many liberal institutions admit that there is no wage gap when you account for factors such as how many hours are actually worked.

The Shriver Report never mentioned that single motherhood is the chief cause of female poverty. Nearly half of today’s single mothers have never been married. That number would have been unbelievable 50 years ago. These women have never had a husband to help support their children, so most have turned to the government for aid. This is thanks to anti-marriage policies that have created financial incentives not to marry, plus incentives to have children without a husband. The increase in no-fault divorce has also made it easier to break up marriages and impoverish more women.

The Shriver Report also ignores how leftwing big-government policies hurt job creation for both men and women. American society is not unfair to women, but left-wing policies are very unfair. The Shriver Report is yet another example of feminists encouraging women to look to big government as their savior and financial supporter. But that’s never the path to independence – it’s the road to making more women dependent on government.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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