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Monday, April 14, 2014

The Inside Story of the 2012 Election

If you are wondering how Barack Obama was reelected in 2012, historian Jerome Corsi gives some answers in his book called The Inside Story of the 2012 Election. Republicans spent a billion dollars on that presidential election, but they ran the wrong campaign, with the wrong nominee, played the game poorly, and were outsmarted by Democratic computer geeks. The Republican Party nominated another Establishment, so-called centrist candidate who tried to please the Mainstream Media and who allowed himself to be defined by the opposition. Mitt Romney’s team relied on outdated campaign methodology such as polls, focus groups, and direct mail while Obama’s team transformed the art of electioneering with new methodologies borrowed from economics, political science, and psychology. The GOP needs to learn about computer-driven voter-intelligence analytic systems before the 2016 election.

Obama should have been as easy to defeat as Jimmy Carter was defeated in 1980, based on his first term. Obama’s 2012 strategy changed little from that of 2008; it went from “blame Bush” to “blame Romney” and paint “the rich” as enemies of the poor. Obama’s team wooed African Americans, Hispanics, single women, union members, and youths of the “millennial generation.” Obama’s team didn’t care that they antagonized other voters because they didn’t need them. They used identity politics and focused on themes of class conflict, to the detriment of a unified America.

Romney’s economic views, based on capitalism and private enterprise, were solid. But in the face of government giveaways, there are groups of people who no longer believe in that system. Our country needs conservative leadership to address the looming fiscal disaster fueled by the entitlement economy. Candidates must learn to address the issues that people care about such as jobs and unemployment.

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