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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Why Moms Are Protesting Common Core

One of the major reasons why Moms are vigorously opposing schools the much ballyhooed Common Core standards for all is that they are tied to the gathering and storing of in-depth personal data about every child. The files are called longitudinal, which means they include information from birth and then track the kids all through school and college. This longitudinal system reminds us of the ominous practice of the Chinese Communists who store every child's personal information (academic, medical, behavioral, and home situation) in a manila folder that is ultimately turned over to his employer when he finishes school. The New York Times published a famous picture of a Chinese warehouse filled with millions of these folders called dangans (that’s a Chinese word for archival records). Collection and retention of voluminous personal information is the way a totalitarian state keeps control of its people.

Federal law is supposed to prevent collection and sharing of this sort of personal information or the building of a national database on students, but the FERPA law has been amended to weaken privacy restrictions. Databases on students can now be collected by states and then exchanged with other states and other agencies, which effectively achieves a national student database.

A bill just introduced in the Florida State Senate shows more reasons why parents are upset about Common Core. The bill would require that, before Common Core is adopted, at least one hearing to receive public testimony must be held in each congressional district, attended by at least one state school board member. The Florida bill requires a fiscal report on the projected cost of implementation of Common Core standards before they are adopted. Ask your state legislators to pass a law like this in your state.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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