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Friday, May 02, 2014

Dealing with outmoded gender role expectations

A woman writing a NY Post op-ed celebrates a 36-year-old lawyer getting engaged to a movie star:
Sure, you’ve just landed the Moby Dick of celebrity bachelors, the elusive sparkle-eyed Clooney, 52, a man whose brief marriage (to Talia Balsam) and string of relationships with gorgeous women, many of them actresses or models, made him the talk of the tabloid town, a wild thing who could not be made to settle down. ...

On this particular point, Patton offers bleak words, a sort of Ghost of Christmas Future for any ambitious woman over 30: “You’ve been so invested in your professional super-stardom that you took your eye off the ball. You have no husband and no children, but the ship has already sailed! It’s too late. You don’t get to have everything.”


BOOM, Susan Patton!

BOOM, ridiculous conservative Phyllis Schlafly, who recently insisted that paying women the same as men would hurt the women’s chances of finding a mate!
This is supposed to give hope to childless spinsters who are desperate to marry a high-status man who makes millions of dollars a year. It drew comments like these:
As criticism of the Princeton Mom's point, this column makes about as much sense as advising people to buy lottery tickets to assure a comfortable retirement. That's because marrying George Clooney is exactly that--the marital equivalent of winning the lottery. In fact, it may be mathematically even LESS likely.

Excellent and insightful article, Ms Dawson. May I suggest the title for your next masterwork: "An open letter to last night's Super Lotto winner: Congrats for proving statistics wrong".
Elsewhere in the same newspaper, there is advice for all the women who must settle for a lower-earning husband:
Like any major cultural change, this one comes with growing pains: Sorting out new gender roles can be tough on both partners in a household where she’s the one who brings home the bacon, no matter how progressive both parties might think they are.

Boerum Hill-based author Farnoosh Torabi, a personal finance expert, speaker and coach, addresses this conflict in her new book, “When She Makes More: 10 Rules for Breadwinning Women.” Out Thursday, it arrives at a moment when statistics show women outperforming men in several key areas — but still dealing with outmoded gender role expectations.
Outmoded gender role expectations? Like all women wanting to marry George Clooney?

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