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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Fight Over Cross Heads to Supreme Court

I hope you are not tired of hearing me talk about that famous cross on a remote hill in southern California, because I've mentioned it so many times. We've had 25 years of litigation about this famous cross, and it's in the news again because the atheists are determined to tear it down. The cross on Mount Soledad has been standing peacefully on a mountain in California for many years, and the atheists are not giving up. They are determined to force our government to tear it down. The Supreme Court has been avoiding this issue for years, but the cross is now heading for a hearing before the U.S. Supreme Court.

In 2011, the federal court judges in the 9th Circuit ruled that the La Jolla cross represents an apparent "government endorsement of Christianity" and sent the case back to the local federal court, where U.S. District Judge Larry Burns ruled that the cross must come down, although he delayed his order while awaiting further appeals.

This cross was erected in 1954 as a memorial to our guys who fought in the Korean War. The cross stands on a 14-foot base that includes about 3,400 plaques of military veterans. The atheists and their friends are objecting to the display of the cross on federal property . Several negotiations to either transfer the property to private ownership or to remove the cross to nearby land have not been successful. However, the atheists are determined to make sure no one can see the cross. They got the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to characterize the Mount Soledad cross as a government endorsement of Christianity.

The battle over this cross, which was erected as a memorial to honor our veterans, is just one aspect of the ongoing battle to wipe Christianity and all religion out of all public places and events. It's time for Americans of faith to realize the battle we are in and stand up for what the First Amendment promises us: the constitutional right of "free exercise" of our religion.

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