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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Governor Perry's Case Against Internet Gambling

Eagle Forum has drawn attention to the damage legalizing Internet gambling would inflict on our families and our communities. Now Texas Governor Rick Perry highlights what its legalization would mean for limited government:

At both the state and the federal levels, Internet-gambling proponents are aggressively lobbying to establish the most far-reaching government regulations of the Internet. One bill calls for the creation of an Office of Internet Gambling Oversight in the Department of the Treasury and would “empower the federal government for overall oversight.” Another calls for an Office of Internet Poker Oversight.

We already know the government has tracked our political activities, monitored our phone calls, and will soon have access to our most personal medical information. Once the government starts actively monitoring one aspect of our Internet commerce, is it credible to believe that it will stop there?

Social conservatives have long pointed out that gambling preys upon the less fortunate in particular and discourages virtues like self-control and hard work. Governor Perry’s argument should warn fiscal conservatives and libertarians that legalizing Internet gambling would hurt their goals as well. The Republican Party platform endorses the ban for a reason: there is simply no conservative case for legalization.

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