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Friday, May 02, 2014

Immigration Frustration

Chuck Schumer is angry. The Senator from New York and champion of amnesty legislation won’t take it anymore, and now he’s fighting back against the cause of America's immigration muddle . . . Steve King. That’s right – the only thing standing in the way of Senator Schumer’s amnesty plan is the Congressman from Iowa. Declaring that Congressman King is “in the driver’s seat,” Senator Schumer observed:
“If Republicans continue to kowtow to Steve King and the hard right on immigration, they’ll consign themselves to being the minority party for more than a decade.”

While Senator Schumer’s concern for the electoral prospects of Republicans is touching (surely the third-ranking Democrat in the Senate and longtime head of their campaign committee wouldn’t steer the GOP wrong), it seems rather misplaced, considering how legalization and increased immigration would bring in millions of voters with liberal political views. Furthermore, his fixation on Steve King overlooks the fact that, while Congressman King leads the effort for sane immigration policies, he is hardly alone in the GOP. House Republicans are joining together to prevent their leadership from forcing amnesty through the chamber, while activists are pushing for candidates to sign a no amnesty pledge. In targeting Steve King, Chuck Schumer neglects his Senate colleague Jeff Session of Alabama, who relentlessly highlights the damage Schumer’s amnesty would inflict on working-class Americans.
Senator Schumer’s advocacy for S. 744 must have left him oblivious to the millions of Americans who recognize that amnesty would undermine the rule of law, flood the market with low-wage labor in a time of economic distress, and further harm the nation’s fiscal health. It is possible, though, that plenty of Republicans simply have the common sense to know that when Chuck Schumer is selling, they shouldn’t buy.

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