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Friday, June 13, 2014

Danger to the Second Amendment

A lot of people are spending their time talking about how they would like to rewrite the U.S. Constitution. Our biggest trouble about constitutional revisionism comes from 93-year-old Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, who just emerged from retirement to publish a book calling for six amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Stevens’ most dangerous suggestion is to gut the Second Amendment. Stevens wants to deny our right to keep a gun at home for self-protection. The fundamental right of Americans to own guns was considered by our Founders to be basic to a free society, and abolishing this right has long been a major goal of liberals who oppose the conservative values at the heart of our nation.

If Congress acquiesces in the proposal to call an Article V convention, you can bet that rewriting the Second Amendment to allow gun control and to forbid private ownership of guns will be a top priority of many delegates. Justice Stevens’ plan is deceptively simple; he just calls for adding five itty-bitty words: “when serving in the militia.” That sounds so innocuous, but it would wipe out individuals Americans’ right to own a gun unless actually serving in the militia, and that would be a dramatic takeaway of our current Second Amendment right to own a gun for personal self-defense.

In the usual pandemonium at a national political convention, consider how quickly one delegate could make the motion to adopt those five little words, and the chairman with the gavel could say, “All those in favor say aye, motion carried, the change is adopted,” and bang goes the gavel. Most delegates would be unaware of what was happening. If you need proof of this, watch the video of how the 2012 Democratic convention chairman illegally gaveled through a motion concerning the elimination of God in the Democrats’ Platform.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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