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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Obama Redesigning U.S. Foreign Policy

Listeners to these broadcasts are all well acquainted with President Obama’s announced goal to “fundamentally transform” American domestic policies. One of our most reliable national security journalists, Bill Gertz, recently wrote about Obama’s foreign policy designed to reduce America’s national defense and standing in the world. Gertz is a well-respected reporter who has written for years about national security and intelligence issues. Now he sees the policies pursued by President Obama on the world stage as appeasement. Gertz says Obama’s policies are “supporting America’s enemies and really being neutral or opposed to America’s friends and allies.” When Obama goes around apologizing for our history and backs away from longtime friends like England and Israel, our enemies don’t see this as promoting peace; they see it as American weakness. Take Russia, for instance, which seized the Crimean peninsula from Ukraine and threatens other neighbors. “Dictators don’t respond to appeasement. They take it as a green light to continue further aggression…” We wonder if the Obama administration recognizes these dangers from radical Islam and a rising China that threaten us.

In the 1980s, President Ronald Reagan showed us the best way with his slogan “Peace Through Strength” when he stood squarely against the Soviet Union. Americans and other countries enjoyed the fruits of this policy: the end of the Evil Empire and an expansion of freedom around the globe. Did President Obama learn this lesson? Bill Gertz doubts it. He thinks Obama is too committed to a worldview that blames America for all the world’s problems and wants to reduce American power. Not only is this view of things wrong, but it puts American security at stake.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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