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Friday, June 27, 2014

Religious Liberty On the Line

Religious liberty has been in the news recently. The Obamacare mandate that all employers must provide their employees with drugs that could cause abortions is an example of how the left wants to use government power to restrict religious liberty. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas is speaking out in defense of our First Amendment right to freedom of worship. In a speech at Liberty University, Senator Cruz discussed our nation’s religious heritage and warned about the dangers facing it today. Referring to the ideals that motivated the Founding Fathers, he said, “Freedom and faith are intertwined, as our rights come from God, not government.” Senator Cruz reminded his audience about the Pilgrims and other early settlers of America, who came to this land to worship as they chose.

Today, religious freedom is under threat because the Left is trying to silence religious objections to its favored policies. Most widely known is the Hobby Lobby case now before the Supreme Court, which will determine whether employers can be forced to pay for employees’ contraception despite their religious beliefs. Senator Cruz pointed to the Hobby Lobby case as an example of how government threatens our First Amendment rights. He asks how far “have we gone that the federal government is litigating against our citizens, trying to force us to violate our faith?” To stop this liberty-threatening trend, Senator Cruz called on his audience at Liberty University, and Americans everywhere, to “stand and speak no matter what the consequence.”

Senator Cruz is right to sound the alarm about freedom of worship. He is speaking up for the First Amendment and we must all be vigilant to make sure our religious liberty stays protected. We must hang on to our First Amendment which guarantees the “free exercise” of religion.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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