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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

We Still Need Anti-Missile Defense Jobs

Russia under Vladimir Putin is surely trying to reclaim the power and influence it lost after the collapse of the Soviet Union, so it’s time for the United States to rethink our missile defense system. Ronald Reagan committed to a missile defense strategy in the 1980s, and during George W. Bush’s presidency, several locations in Eastern Europe were chosen to base components of the system. In 2009, however, Barack Obama abandoned plans to place anti-missile interceptors in Poland and a radar installation in the Czech Republic. Those two countries showed courage in agreeing to the plan despite Russian Pressure, but Obama sold them down the river as part of his new friendship with Putin.

Five years later, we know how Putin reacted. Russia gobbled up Crimea, and hopes to seize more of Ukraine. Putin works against American interests in the Middle East and makes our allies in Eastern Europe nervous. Several Senators are calling for President Obama to reinstate the Bush missile defense plan. Some Senators are urging the administration to increase the number of ground-based interceptors in Poland and Romania, send naval vessels equipped with missile defense capabilities to Europe, and work with the Czech Republic to install the radar system abandoned five years ago.

A missile defense system would protect the United States from nuclear-armed rogue nations such as Iran, but it would have the added benefit of showing the Russians that aggression will not be rewarded. Our Eastern European allies have already shown their commitment to missile defense; in fact, Poland is working on its own missile shield. Restoring missile defense would reassure our friends in Europe and warn Russia to back off. The most important job of our government is to prevent long range missiles from landing on our shore and killing Americans.

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