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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

China Even Steals U.S. Corn

We have talked before on these broadcasts about how Communist China violates all the rules of so-called free trade and cheats us coming and going. We’ve also talked about how Communist China forces U.S. companies that locate a plant in China to turn over all their patents and trade secrets to China. We’ve also talked about China’s vast espionage apparatus, and about how this apparatus uses Chinese immigrants in America to be loyal to their homeland and steal trade secrets from the U.S. companies where they are employed. But now I’ve discovered a new kind of Chinese espionage.

Six Chinese have been charged with conspiring to steal U.S. trade secrets about bioengineered corn seed from American seed companies, and then send the corn and the seed to their own company in China. The 21-page indictment was filed in Des Moines, Iowa. According to documents filed in federal court, the Chinese drove through rural areas of Iowa, Illinois and Indiana and dug up freshly planted seeds and collected samples of grown corn to obtain specimens of the valuable engineered seeds.

The picture in the newspapers that carried this story showed what looked like teenagers kneeling on the ground in a field of corn. These seeds represent years of work by American companies and millions of dollars spent in research and development. One company estimated that the loss of one of these lines of seed would wipe out 5 to 8 years of research and cost the company 30 to 40 million dollars. The Chinese spies targeted Monsanto, LG Seeds, and Pioneer Hi-Bred (affiliated with Dupont). The Chinese were so thorough about their theft that they bought a 40-acre farm in Monee, IL for $600,000 to use as a base of operations. Why do we continue to let the Communist Chinese rip us off in the name of free trade?

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