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Monday, July 28, 2014

Maybe It’s a War on Boys

There’s been a lot of talk about the War on Women, but when it comes to school, women are doing just fine. It’s our boys we should worry about. The New York Times recently reported on a study that highlights the struggles boys face in school. According to the study, girls enter kindergarten with better social and behavioral skills, and they maintain this advantage throughout elementary school. By eighth grade, 48% of girls receive A’s and B’s, while only 31% of boys reach that standard. This trend continues into college, where women outnumber men and often outperform them.

While the feminist fiction called the War on Women gets talked about in the media, the difficulties of boys pose real problems to our country’s future. Research from of the American Enterprise Institute reports the fall in the employment rate of men; almost one in three men are not working and are not even looking for work. If boys continue to fall behind in school, we can expect them to have more difficulty finding good jobs, if they are able to find jobs at all.

If we want to make sure that boys succeed in school, we should reconsider what our schools expect from them. Today’s classrooms often work against the most common characteristics of boys, such as their restlessness and their creativity. Schools should teach with these characteristics in mind, not try to stamp them out and make them behave like girls. Schools should develop lesson plans that appeal to boys’ innate characteristics. Give them more recess. Bring back activities that allow boys to play and create, even if things get a little messy and disorganized. Treating boys like boys will go a long way in closing the gap with girls, and will be good for our economy and our society.

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