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Monday, July 21, 2014

Obama Wants a Weaker America

What is Obama's first thought when he wakes up in the morning? According to former U.S. Ambassador John Bolton, it's NOT "What threat does America face today, and how can I defend against it?" Ambassador Bolton says that Obama's obsession with "fundamentally transforming" America means that he focuses on domestic priorities, not on world threats. He turns his attention to national security only when world events are so dangerous that they force him to confront them.

No other president has ever shown this lack of interest in our national defense. Most presidents consider maintaining national security their number-one obligation. Ambassador Bolton says the reason for Obama's attitude is that he is not comfortable with the idea of a powerful America, and he wants us to bow out of an assertive role on the international stage. Obama thinks American strength provokes our enemies and so Obama is trying to redistribute international power just like he is redistributing wealth inside of America.

But history teaches that America will be respected only IF we are strong, and we will be pushed around if we are weak. The world is not better off if we are a weaker America. Dictators don't need excuses to seize influence; they need to be scared off by our strength.

The American people don't share Obama's plan for a so-called "little America." Americans expect our country to hold an influential place in the international community. When Obama makes spending for social welfare more important than a plan for national strength, Obama cheats not only America but our friends all over the world, who are counting on us to be strong and able to defend them as well as ourselves.

A president's first thought every morning should be for the safety and security of our nation and what he needs to do to maintain our military superiority.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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