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Monday, July 14, 2014

Some States Are Renaming Common Core

All over the country, parents and teachers have rallied to chase Common Core out of schools. States that adopted Common Core before reading it face heavy pressure from parents to roll back or cancel Common Core now that the truth has been exposed. Unfortunately, rather than admit that the critics have a point, some states are turning to misdirection. Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee admits that “the term ‘common core’ has become toxic,” but instead of considering why this is so, he told state school officials, “Rebrand it, refocus it, but don’t retreat.”

Several states have followed his advice. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer issued an executive order that changes the name but leaves the content and the standards the same. We once thought that Indiana Governor Mike Pence would be the first Governor to remove his state from Common Core, but despite his criticism, a lot of the original Common Core standards remain. Some politicians want to reap the benefits that come from appearing to oppose Common Core without actually doing the hard work of repealing the standards and replacing them with superior standards created by the state.

Some states are actually encouraging parents to accept lower test scores. In Kentucky, proficiency in reading and math dropped by 30 points when students took the first round of Common Core assessments. Other states, such as New York, noticed this plunge and then lowered expectations for New York students.

All these actions by Governors share a particular trait: they are trying to change how people judge Common Core without actually changing Common Core. A different label or lower expectations may make the standards seem better, but do nothing about the fact that they are an intrusion of federal bureaucrats and big business into our school system, and that Common Core standards themselves enshrine mediocrity and liberal values. No new label will change that.

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