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Monday, August 11, 2014

Americans Lose While Immigrants Gain

According to a remarkable new study by the Center for Immigration Studies, American-born workers have had a net loss in jobs since 2000, while all of the job growth since then has gone to immigrants. This revelation comes as some Republicans continue to flirt with amnesty and the disastrous proposal of so-called “immigration reform.” A new Gallup poll proves that the American public is fed up with the high levels of immigration flooding our job market and our nation. The study shows that 41% of Americans want to see immigration decrease and only 22% want to see it increase – a nearly 2-to-1 difference.

Among the 22% who want to expand immigration are Democrats who see illegal immigrants as a way to expand their party’s voting base. But that short-sighted political motivation is not good for our country and is devastating for the already-dwindling job market in America. In 2000, 114.8 million Americans who were born in the US and had jobs here. Now in the last 14 years millions of new jobs were created, but immigrant workers soaked up all the job growth. There was a net gain of 5.7 million jobs, but the overall net effect was that 100% of the job growth went to immigrants and zero percent went to workers born in the U.S.A.

This Center for Immigration Studies research proves that there are now 58 million natural-born Americans who do not have jobs, and 34% of working-age Americans are without work, a staggering number compared to the “6.1% unemployment” we hear on the news. The Senate’s misguided “Gang of Eight” bill would sharply increase the numbers of legal and illegal immigrants in our country and add incentives for many more to enter our nation illegally.

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