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Monday, August 04, 2014

Don’t Be Fooled by “Immigration Reform”

Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama has been a leader against expanding immigration under the guise of phony “immigration reform.” He says that recent findings in a Center for Immigration Studies report “are shocking, and represent a dramatic indictment of immigration policy in Washington, D.C.”

In the last presidential election, Mitt Romney lost because he failed to attract the support of millions of working-class Americans who have been hit hardest by the harmful consequences of liberal demands for more and more immigration. Sessions advises Republican leadership to “sever themselves from these demands and present themselves to the American public as the one party focused on everyday working people.” He is obviously right in counseling that “the sensible, conservative, fair thing to do after 40 years of record immigration is to slow down, allow assimilation to occur, allow wages to rise, and to help workers of all backgrounds rise together into the middle class.”

Democrats’ and media demands for “immigration reform” have had another devastating effect on our nation: attracting a projected 100,000 children this year to cross the Mexican border illegally, bringing with them contagious diseases that could “spread like wildfire” according to Dr. Jane Orient. “Legal immigrants have always been required to undergo health screenings, but these kids coming have no medical screenings and no vaccine records.” If diseases we have eradicated are brought into this country by unlawful immigration, they could spread quickly. Young doctors will be slow to recognize these diseases that they’ve never even seen before. “All we need is one outbreak of that virus and we would have an overwhelming public health crisis,” Dr. Orient warned. This is just one good reason to slow down or stop illegal immigration.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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