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Friday, August 22, 2014

High Injury Rate to Women in Combat

A startling new study of women in combat in the Israeli army is an eye-opener. Devastating injuries struck the women who were pushed like guinea pigs into military training and routine deployment. Feminists want women in combat in order to pretend that women are just like men, but there are real victims to this feminist falsehood and the Israeli study proves it. 13 years of research went into this new book by Colonel Raza Sagi, who was an infantry regiment commander. He saw the high injury rate among women who were trained to serve in combat. The injuries were serious and life-long, including ruptured discs, stress fractures in the pelvis, and prolapses of the uterus. It was merely training and routine deployment that caused these injuries; actual combat would surely have caused much worse injuries. The Colonel found that the high rate of injuries to female soldiers left some entire platoons unable to function.

No one should be surprised by this new study. Any sports fan knows that there are big differences between the physical abilities of men and women. Men have far more upper-body strength, which of course is essential for training soldiers for combat. Colonel Sagi described the silly tricks used to make it look like women could complete the training requirements, such as putting benches next to walls and allowing only the women to stand on the benches to get over the walls. Feminists won’t admit it, but women suffer physical injuries in sports more easily than men do. Knee injuries by women in sports such as soccer and basketball occur at a higher rate and are more serious than injuries to men. Unfortunately, many of these injuries to women plague them the rest of their lives. Pushing women to complete combat training is not good for women and not good for the military.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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