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Thursday, August 07, 2014

Locals Resist Obama’s Plan to Dump Illegal Kids

Obama Administration officials trekked out to a tiny rural community in southern Virginia to teach the locals a thing about immigration policy. However, it was the bureaucrats who got an earful from local farmers and residents. Lawrenceville, VA has only about 1,400 residents, and the auditorium for their June 19th town hall with federal officials has a spacious 900 seats. But even that large facility wasn’t big enough to hold the 1,000 outraged, angry people – nearly everyone in the town – who showed up to express opposition to the Obama Administration plan to relocate illegal immigrant children there.

“We will not be strong-armed by federal officials,” declared Aaron Smith, resident and 32-year-old Marine veteran. “We will not be pushed around,” as the crowd of townspeople gave him rousing applause. Brunswick County Sheriff Brian Roberts was also candid, describing “fear” among locals about the way the government was handling this, adding that “500 kids unaccounted for – illegal alien children in my little sleepy town – I just don’t think it’s the right fit for this community.” Residents expressed concern about public safety and a possible increase in crime if so many kids were bought into the community without parental supervision.

Nobody seems to know who or where the parents of these children are, but we do know what the cause of the surge in illegal border crossings is. Promises of so-called “immigration reform,” with its allure of amnesty, inevitably bring more illegals wanting more of the same. The tens of thousands of kids surging across our southern border are not unaccompanied; they may be carrying staph infections, chickenpox, and scabies, which is a highly contagious skin disease that causes massive itching due to burrowing mites, plus diseases that the U.S. eradicated in our country years ago, such as tuberculosis, dengue fever, hepatitis, malaria, and measles. Dumping kids without parents is not the answer to our immigration problem.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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