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Monday, August 25, 2014

"Sham Marriage" Is Another Amnesty Racket

A New York state legislator was forced to resign this summer after pleading guilty to a sham marriage." We do not hear that word very often, but I suspect it takes place more often than we want to think. This particular case sheds light on a dark corner of what some people like to call "our broken immigration system."

About 20 years ago, a woman named Gabriela Rosa, who was born and raised and living in the Dominican Republic, visited the United States. Like millions of others, she decided she wasn’t going back home. She settled in a neighborhood in a New York neighborhood, where tens of thousands of her fellow Dominicans live. Although her immigrant status at this time is unknown, we have since discovered that Rosa paid a man $8,000 to marry her and pose as her husband. So, as the supposed wife of an American citizen, Gabriel adjusted her status, obtained a green card, and eventually became a U.S. citizen.

Rosa divorced her fake husband 3 years after their sham marriage and married her second husband, with whom she had had a child nearly a year before her divorce. She then proceeded to work for several Democratic politicians in New York, many of whom ended up with jail time and fines for money-related corruption. The only reason we know about this sham marriage is that Rosa is a crook. In addition to the marriage fraud case, Rosa has pleaded guilty to falsifying documents in her bankruptcy claim in 2009.

As reported by the Center for Immigration Studies, the most common method of getting legal U.S. status is by marrying a U.S. citizen. “Sham marriages” are just another way that many immigrants, often illegal, commit fraud and gain access to U.S. citizenship without waiting in line. U.S. authorities rarely question these marriages.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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