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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The White House Pay Gap

Ever since he first ran for president, six years ago, President Obama has repeatedly campaign against the so-called pay gap between men and women. The first bill he signed in 2009 was named after Lilly Ledbetter, the Alabama woman who wasn’t paid as much as she thought she deserved. In this year’s State of the Union address, President Obama said “it’s an embarrassment” that the average woman makes only 77 cents for every dollar the average man makes. He demanded that Congress pass legislation to close the pay gap, and he threatened to use his “pen” and his “phone” if Congress failed to act.

Well, guess what? There’s a persistent pay gap in Obama’s own White House, a gap which is not that different from what prevails in other highly paid executive offices. According to an article in the Washington Post (so it must be so), women on the White House staff earn an average of 87 cents for every dollar that men make. The Post surveyed the pay schedule for the 456 people who work in the White House every day. It found that the average pay of women is only 87% as much as the average pay of all the men who work there.

The Post also reported that the White House pay gap hasn’t changed in the six years that Obama has been in charge. In other words, it’s the same now as it was when George W. Bush left office. The President’s gender pay-gap arguments have become a centerpiece of his 2014 mid-terms messaging. Despite the administration’s close-to-home hypocrisy on this issue, it took the media several months to come to this conclusion and reluctantly report on this issue. It ought now to be clear to everybody that gender pay gap messaging is just Obama’s demagoguing of this issue in order to attack the Republicans with the so-called “war on women.”

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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