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Monday, September 15, 2014

Feminists Get Obama to Sue Pennsylvania

The Obama administration has filed suit against the Pennsylvania State Police, after it came to light that the State Police have a slightly lower pass rate for women on their physical fitness test. They found that 94% of men passed the test and only 71% of women passed. The feminists obviously demanded this lawsuit. According to their ideology, if women can’t do as well as men on a fitness test for a job, it must be discrimination and the test must be discarded for everyone.

It seems that feminists want Pennsylvania to ignore the fact that the job of a state trooper includes difficult and dangerous physical challenges that can require real physical strength and endurance beyond the capabilities of many women. Last year, a Pennsylvania state trooper helped catch a suspect escaping in a tractor trailer by hanging onto the truck’s grab bar with one hand while it continued to drive down the highway. The suspect then crashed the truck and had to be pursued on foot as he fled into the woods, and it’s obvious that a man’s physical skills were very useful.

The Pennsylvania State Police employ more than 4,600 workers today, many of whom presumably passed this fitness test. But the Obama lawsuit is demanding that the test must no longer be used because there might have been 45 additional women on the workforce if this test had not been implemented. Even when the test was made simpler, the men’s passing rate rose 4%, but the women’s only rose 1%. No one has yet devised a physical fitness test on which women as a group perform as well as men. The only way to eliminate that gap is to eliminate testing altogether. The fact that a few more men passed the Pennsylvania State Police fitness test than women is simply unacceptable to feminist ideology.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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