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Friday, September 26, 2014

Questions about the Family

Yesterday I told you about my newest book published this month by World Net Daily. It’s called Who Killed the American Family? People have asked me why I wrote this book, and my answer is, “Because nobody else did; my book reveals facts about the family that the American people need to know.”

The killers of the American family sort of parallel the famous murder mystery written long ago by Agatha Christy called “Murder on the Orient Express.” The question posed in that book was, “Who committed the murder?” The final answer was that everybody on the train had a motive for killing the victim.

Likewise, many groups had motives for wanting to abolish the American nuclear family, and in my new book I explain who they are. One major group is the feminists. You can prove this to yourself by reading any feminist literature. The feminists’ rallying cry from the start was “Liberation,” and that means liberation from home, husband, family, and care for children. The feminists persistently tried to get all fulltime homemakers out of the home, telling them that care of small children is a demeaning occupation for an educated woman. All homemakers are encouraged to get out of the home and go into the work force because that is supposedly the only lifestyle that is worthwhile. College women are even encouraged to take part in the so-called hookup lifestyle so they can avoid a commitment to marriage until they are moving up in a profitable career. You need to realize that feminists are not for equality of men and women; they are for gender interchangeability. They resent and oppose the idea that husbands should have a provider role and wives should have a homemaker role.

You won’t read many criticisms of the feminists in the regular media because writers are afraid to criticize the feminists. To get the truth about the feminists, you need my book called “Who Killed the American Family?”

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