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Thursday, September 18, 2014

War Over High School U.S. History

The scholar Stanley Kurtz has been tracking the historical revisionists’ movements in American classrooms, and he has recently discovered dangerous problems in the secret, un-released new AP U.S. History Exam. The College Board, which authors the SAT test and AP exams, is directly attempting to “replace the teaching of traditional American history in our high schools with a new centrally-controlled, and sharply left-leaning curriculum.” This has “created an elaborate new framework for the AP U.S. History Exam that will effectively force nearly all American high schools, public and private, to transform the way they teach U.S. History.”

This test is directly changing how children must learn about America’s founders and Constitutional principles. Kurtz pointed out examples of this new “left-leaning emphasis.” “…James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and the other founders are omitted from the new test[s], unless they are presented as examples of conflict and identity by class, gender, race, or ethnicity. The Constitution can be studied as an example of the Colonists’ belief in the superiority of their own culture…” These are the new ways our children will learn about U.S. History, thanks to the decisions of David Coleman, the president of the College Board. Coleman is also an architect of the hated Common Core standards.

Kurtz also notes that there are “serious questions about the legality of the new AP U.S. History Exam” in how it will interact with current state standards and teachers. The claims that it is “adaptable” to current state standards are false. The new AP U.S. History framework effectively forces teachers to train their students in “a leftwing, blame-America-first reading of history…” Kurtz warns that we are “witnessing a coordinated two-pronged effort to effectively federalize all of American K-12 education…” The time to oppose the new AP U.S. History Exam is now.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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