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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Who Killed the American Family?

A great deal has been written about the decline in the percentage of Americans who are living in a traditional nuclear family. It was many years ago that the famous psychologist Charles Murray pointed out that the shocking rate of illegitimate births is the most serious social and fiscal problem America faces because it is the factor that drives everything else. When mothers have no husband or father of their children to provide for them, they turn to Big Brother Government to give them the necessities of life.

Who Killed the American FamilyEven though the facts of this change in our society have been widely reported, almost nothing has been written about why it happened and who was responsible for it. This has brought about a tremendous demographic change in our American society and an enormous increase in our spending for the so-called welfare state. The nuclear family was based on families that supported themselves. They didn’t need government busybodies to tell them how to raise their children or spend their money. Taxes were relatively low and we produced a prosperous Middle Class that was the envy of the world.

Those days seem to be gone. We now have a dramatic decline in the percentage of Americans who are living in traditional marriages and 41 percent illegitimacy. Those facts have been widely reported, but nobody asks or answers the question, Who Killed the American family?

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