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Monday, October 06, 2014

“Best Interest of the Child” Serves the Liberals

When you see a judge use the phrase “the best interest of the child,” he is probably about to abuse his power. For most of our history, “the best interest of the child” was a matter for parents to decide. Now, supremacist judges and liberal politicians use the phrase to enact their favorite policies.

The recent surge of young Central Americans illegals across our border provides a perfect example. The unaccompanied alien children are clearly breaking our immigration laws. They even turn themselves in to the Border Patrol. If we had an immigration system based on the rule of law, these illegals would be promptly sent back to their home countries. Instead, the law lets judges and bureaucrats determine what is the “best interest of the child.” In practice, this means that many of the alien children are placed with remote family members in the United States. Many of these so-called family members are also illegal aliens. Sometimes, our government cannot even verify that they are family, putting the children at risk of abuse. In theory, these children are told to appear before immigration judges several years later. In reality, the government hands them notices to appear in court, and then it is up to the illegals to comply. Even if they ever do show up, the law says that “the best interest of the child” guarantees them an advocate at taxpayer expense.

“The best interest of the child” makes a mockery of our legal system because it is a loose expression that is not defined by law. It also mocks our sovereignty. It makes our border security officials bend over backwards to satisfy the bureaucrats and judges instead of enforcing our laws. Meanwhile, the children are separated from their parents, far from their home. In this border crisis, the only interests served are those of the liberals, who now have admitted thousands of future voters.

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