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Friday, October 10, 2014

Common Core’s Growing Unpopularity

The highly-acclaimed Common Core standards are becoming so unpopular that they may soon be politically untouchable. From Glenn Beck and activist parents to the Wall Street Journal and senior academics, critics are piling on and throwing Common Core into the trash bin. One of the latest critiques of Common Core’s math standards is by prize-winning Math Professor Marina Ratner, at the University of California at Berkeley. It’s refreshing to hear criticisms that are very specific and include examples of assignments that anyone can see are ridiculous.

Professor Ratner was alerted to the stupidity of Common Core by looking at her 6th grade grandson’s homework assignment from Berkeley middle school. Fractions are taught by having kids draw pictures and create fictional stories. A student who gives the correct answer right away and doesn’t draw a picture or make up a story actually loses points! Ms. Ratner concluded that Common Core is making simple math concepts “artificially intricate and complex... while the actual content” that is taught is very “primitive.” The bottom line is that Common Core is inferior to the current good California standards. The $15.8 billion dollars spent nationally to develop and adopt these standards has been a gigantic waste.

Another deceit is the “college ready” label that is so often placed on new Common Core curriculums. Math experts say that Common Core standards do not prepare students for the colleges where most parents want to send their children. Scholars are calling the new Common Core history standards a “stealthy” plan to teach kids a leftwing curriculum. Scholar Stanley Kurtz says that the new plan for teaching American History has pitched out “traditional emphasis on America’s founders and principles of constitutional government” in favor of a leftwing “emphasis on race, gender, class, and ethnicity.” The Text of the new AP U.S. History exam has been revealed only to a few certified AP History teachers who are sworn to secrecy.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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