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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Condoms in Middle School?

Last summer, a school district in Oregon announced that it would provide condoms to middle schoolers as young as age 11. The superintendent said this was necessary because, every few years, a middle school student either became pregnant or fathered a child. In New York last year, high school students were offered a full variety of condoms, with special features in “assorted flavors.” That sort of thing seems to go far beyond so-called “safe sex” – it promotes mores sexual experimentation. Several years ago, the New York City public schools gave out 800,000 condoms. That’s more than three condoms for each high school student. Their school-based clinics also gave out 12,000 morning-after pills and inserted an unspecified number of IUDs, all without asking parents’ permission.

This sort of policy gives students a very warped view of sex. The message they learn is that sex is safe and that early sex with multiple partners is normal and healthy. Nobody warns them of the dangers. And boys learn to see girls as sex objects. It’s ironic that the people pushing contraception in middle schools are often the same people crying about a so-called “rape culture” on college campuses. It’s difficult to remove morality at age 12 and think you can reinstate it when kids are age 18.

Passing out condoms and providing IUDs show that both schools and parents have failed to protect these children. You don’t protect youngsters from pregnancies and STDs by passing out condoms; you protect them by teaching them morals. Having sex at age 13 is damaging to a child even if they don’t get pregnant or sick, and schools and parents should be preventing condom use, not encouraging it. Since schools seldom warn parents about these policies, or even give them advance notice, parents, you might want to check out what’s being passed out at your local school.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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