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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Feeding Frenzy

The famous political scientist Larry Sabato once wrote a book called “Feeding Frenzy,” which describes the media’s habit of piling on redundant stories about one news item that suits their agenda until that one subject consumes all the news. In my new book, Who Killed the American Family?, I write about a different kind of feeding frenzy: when leftists hound people who tell truths about marriage and the family that are unpopular with feminists and gay activists. Perhaps the most famous of these feeding frenzies happened over 20 years ago, when then Vice President Dan Quayle criticized the TV sitcom called Murphy Brown because it glamorized single mothers. Feminists were angry that the Vice President didn’t dare to suggest that children do better with a mother and a father. Their hysterics managed to drown out his voice and message. Years later, the Atlantic magazine published a “mea culpa” article titled simply, “Dan Quayle Was Right.” Of course, Dan Quayle was right, but don’t expect feminists to admit that. In July 2012, the New York Times published an article that pointed out how children really do better with both parents than with just one. The New York Times quickly published a rebuttal from Katie Roiphe, a single mother and writer, who attacked the Times for “recycling” what she called “truly retrograde and ugly moral judgments.”

Gay activists are always ready to join the media feeding frenzy. When the sociologist Mark Regnerus released a scientific study showing negative trends in children raised by same-sex parents, he was hounded as a bigot. Two hundred PhDs and MDs demanded a rebuttal of Regnerus’s study, but they never provided any evidence that he was wrong. In all these cases, the Left pounced on defenders of the nuclear family structure, calling them names instead of producing evidence. Later, I’ll discuss why leftists are always so ready to go nuclear on the nuclear family.

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