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Friday, October 17, 2014

What We Can Do to Save America’s Future

Ever since famed neurosurgeon Ben Carson gave his gutsy keynote speech at last year’s National Prayer Breakfast, many have encouraged him to run for public office. Carson believes that what the public really wants is not so much him, but “the return of commonsense to solve our ever-increasing problems.” In his new book, One Nation, Carson gives an account of America’s worst problems along with ideas on how we can solve them.

In glimpses we get of his early life, we see that young Ben Carson was saved from street life by education – both teachers and his mother pushed him to excel. Because of this, his heart is heavy about our public education system and parents who don’t seem to want responsibility what their children are taught. Carson understands that citizens can’t be involved in our society if they are unable to inform themselves about current events and if they are not familiar with American history. He exposes concern about massive overspending and debt that is being foisted on future generations. Debt-ridden, big-government programs give absolutely nothing to the poor but lack of results and continued poverty. Ben Carson describes welfare as “demeaning to the poor.”

In our current situation of government gridlock, Dr. Carson encourages that we “consider the opinions and positions of others and then move forward to a meaningful compromise.” Politicians are so entrenched in their positions that civil discourse seems impossible, and the mainstream media intentionally inhibits important conversations by provoking emotions. Ben Carson does not promote compromises that result in giving up principles.

Carson calls on our nation to rekindle enthusiasm for individual freedom and the reestablishment of the U.S. Constitution as the most important document in America.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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