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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Senate Democrats Hide Support for Amnesty

President Obama’s proposed executive amnesty is unconstitutional and very unpopular, but some senators in tight election races still support it and they are working hard to avoid accountability. Because the House of Representatives rightly refuses to pass the Gang of Eight immigration bill, the president has proclaimed that he will act on his own. The Constitution doesn’t give him this power to rewrite our immigration laws – that’s a matter for Congress. But Senate Democrats aren’t protesting his plans – apparently they don’t mind giving up their authority to make laws if they agree with the outcome.

Some Senate Democrats have made one request. Although they want the president to grant amnesty, they don’t want to endanger their reelection chances, so they asked the president to wait until after Election Day. These senators know that amnesty is deeply unpopular, but the establishment is crying out for it anyway. Big business, liberal political consultants, radical cultural organizations all demand the abandonment of immigration enforcement, and Senate Democrats are listening to them, not to ordinary families.

After learning about these senators’ tricks, Senator Jeff Sessions said, “Never in recent memory has the divide between the everyday citizen and the political elite been as wide as it is now.” He rightly pointed out that letting the president get away with what he called “executive amnesty” would mean the end of American sovereignty. It would also flood the job market with low-wage labor while millions of American citizens still search for a job. The senators who favor President Obama’s illegal plans are a big part of the problem in eroding the rule of law and undermining the job prospects of American workers.

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