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Thursday, November 06, 2014

What Women Really Want

The reality of what women and mothers really want is very different from what the media tell us. We’re told we should be concerned about the so-called “gender gap” in the workplace and about women not getting enough high-paid positions in boardrooms. We’re told that woman want to have jobs, not stay home with their kids. But that’s not what moms say.

A recent survey sponsored by Forbes Magazine reports that women see staying home as ideal. More than 80% of women said staying home was a luxury they would prefer to have, and a third of employed moms said they resented their partners for not making enough money to make that possible.

Men also tend to work more hours than women. Because women, especially mothers, often have different priorities, they tend to choose workplaces that offer flexibility and a less demanding schedule. Many women also take time off from their careers to raise children and end up with fewer years of experience. That’s why the wage gap is much larger for married women.

Modern women have been sold feminist ideology, but where is this coming from? Women are finding that “having it all” is a myth. Raising children while pursuing a successful, high-powered career at the same time just doesn’t work for most moms.

So why aren’t more women staying home? It’s not that they truly can’t afford it. Salaries have certainly gone up since the 50s, and single-income families have greater purchasing power than they used to have. The problem is that the women who say that staying home is a luxury truly expect luxury. Many of the women surveyed said they didn’t want to have to clip coupons or cut back on going out for dinner. But the reality is that for most families, having one spouse stay home is a sacrifice that requires a strict budget. Girls who plan to have children should expect that they’ll want to stay home with them and get used to a lower budget before a baby is born. They also need to keep in mind that they’ll still need a husband with a job so that it’s realistic to plan to be a fulltime homemaker.

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