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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

The “Village” or the “Eminent Tribunal”

Who is responsible for killing the American family? My new book published by WorldNetDaily this fall answers that fundamental question, and you may be surprised at the answer. The perpetrators of this murder are not just the gays who have gotten so much publicity. Like the famous Agatha Christie mystery “Murder on the Orient Express,” the solution was that everybody on the train had a motive for the crime. Many groups over the years have wanted to abolish the American nuclear family. The feminists’ rallying cry from the start was “liberation.” They meant liberation from husband, family, and children.

In the 1970s it became popular to say that the “village” should raise the child. The liberal establishment defines “village” to include all sorts of government busybodies such as public school officials, hired consultants, psychologists, and especially family court judges. The system of having family court judges make decisions about the raising of children has become so universal that, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, judges now control the private living arrangements of 46 million Americans and have the power to transfer $40 billion between households.

The “best interest” of the child is now decided by judges. This rule is totally subjective. Whether the decision is big such as where to go church or school, or small such as whether to play baseball or soccer, there is no objective way to say which is best. Judges call on so-called experts to advise them, but there is no scientific evidence to back up the advice that the so-called experts are well paid to give. We cannot accept what Abe Lincoln called “that eminent tribunal” to redefine our centuries-old marriage law. My book Who Killed the American Family? gives you all you need to expose the killers of the American family.

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