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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Jesus on Trial Shows Christianity's Truth

Christians today face difficult times all over the world. In the Middle East, where the Christian faith was born, ancient communities of Christians suffer persecution at the hands of Islamic extremists. In the Western world, the religious liberty of believers is assaulted by secularists. In these times, it is helpful to have a reminder of Christianity’s truth and value. David Limbaugh offers this defense in his important new book called Jesus on Trial. David Limbaugh is a lawyer who once doubted the truth of Christianity but now uses his talent to vindicate it.

Like many others, Limbaugh grew up in the church but drifted away during his college years. As he told me in our recent interview on Eagle Forum Live, he came back to the faith not by setting aside his reason, but by using it. Limbaugh looks at the New Testament and finds that its authors were committed to accuracy. Unlike other religions, the New Testament reported events that had been prophesied by Scripture hundreds of years earlier. Limbaugh shows how archaeology has confirm many of the events reported in the Bible. Limbaugh also brings up his old doubts about Christianity and explains how he resolved them. He couldn’t understand how an all-powerful God could permit suffering and evil in the world. But if there is suffering and evil, there must be an absolute moral law that tells us what is good, and that law needed God to create it.

Drawing on history, science, and philosophy, David Limbaugh makes an effective case for the truth of Christianity. He shows that the Bible is a coherent, accurate work that could have been produced only with divine intervention. If Christians face dangers and doubts, they can read David Limbaugh’s book, called Jesus on Trial, to reaffirm their fundamental belief in God and Jesus Christ.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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