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Monday, December 29, 2014

Liberals Want Expensive Energy

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has warned that the Obama administration is trying to make energy more, not less, expensive. The goal is to make Americans more dependent on the government. Jindal says that the left wants energy to be scarce and expensive, because that will mean the government will be needed to ration and distribute. Then the government can get bigger and more invasive.

The same principle is at work with healthcare. Socialized medicine creates a shortage of medical care, so the government determines who gets it and when, and makes rules about what people can eat, and how much we should exercise. If energy is a scarce resource, the government can tell us how big a house we can have, what sort of lighting and heating we’re allowed, what kind of car we can buy, and how many miles we’re permitted to drive.

Governor Jindal warns that we are facing a government war on every cheap energy source. That’s why Obama is waging war on coal, and that’s why we have carbon dioxide restrictions. Tomorrow, there will probably be a war on natural gas. Jindal pointed out that the left loved natural gas when it was expensive, but after recent developments with shale gas, it’s much cheaper—and so the left is less impressed with it.

Liberals don’t want cheap energy, and they don’t want a free market. They are always looking for an excuse to have more government regulation and oversight. Now they are using an alleged need for government regulation to keep energy prices high. If energy prices are high, then the government can step in and say who gets energy and who does not get energy. If we’re going to develop affordable new energy sources, we should let the market work instead of giving government handouts the forms of energy the bureaucrats prefer.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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