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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Republicans Need Tools for 2016

In an expert analysis of why Republicans lost the 2012 election, scholar Dr. Jerome Corsi quoted Mitt Romney’s chief campaign strategist, Stuart Stevens, on the last plane flight of the 2012 campaign, confidently assuring all that Romney would win the presidency because (he said) “a positive campaign message trumps a good ground game every time.” Well, Romney lacked a positive campaign message, too, but he was mainly defeated by the Democrats’ superb ground game, which effectively used early voting in key states such as Florida and Ohio. By continuously updating their computer-based information about who had not yet voted, Democrats could harass and nag low-information voters until they turned in their ballots.

Some Republicans may be learning from past mistakes. The New York Times quoted Republican pollster Neil Newhouse as saying, “I’ve become a believer in what the Democrats can do in turning out the vote. Count me as converted.” But are top Republican strategists converted enough to realize that the hundreds of millions of big-donor dollars spent on pricey television ads during the last weeks of the campaign are wasted on those who already voted early? Those TV ads are very profitable for the strategists who collect commissions on the ads, but they are wasted on those who already voted.

In 2012, the Democrats had a first-rate computer program, plenty of technicians who had identified every potential Obama voter, and an army of people willing and ready to make up to 14 personal contacts urging those pre-identified voters to hurry up and vote for Obama. Republicans still have nothing remotely comparable to the political machine that twice elected Obama as President. The Democrats pile up votes through early voting, a superb ground game, and votes by non-citizens. It’s time for Republicans to wake up!

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