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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Gender-Sensitive Classroom

The Lincoln Public School District in Nebraska has decided to teach students that gender is flexible. The administration has given teachers a list of ways to create “gender inclusiveness” in the classroom. This list was developed by Gender Spectrum, an organization that encourages schools to be “gender-sensitive.”

Teachers are told that they should not address children as “boys and girls.” Teachers are supposed to come up with a silly classroom nickname, such as “purple penguins.” Students shouldn’t be separated into lines or groups based on gender, and if students refer to boys and girls, the teacher should ask them why they do that and help them to “think more expansively.” Teachers are also supposed to ask students which pronouns they prefer, rather than assuming boys want to be “he” and girls want to be “she.” If students must indicate their gender, teachers should give them the options of boy, girl, both, or neither.

Naturally, many parents have complained about this silliness. At a recent board meeting, parents who spoke against the new guidelines outnumbered parents who supported them ten to one. But the superintendent’s response was that the school is just trying to be nonjudgmental. Ben Terry, one parent who has three kids in the district school, spoke out against this nonsense. He accused the district of “actively condoning and supporting the redefinition of gender.” He’s quite right—that’s exactly what the district is doing. There was very little parent support for the school’s new gender policy, but the board meeting was filled with gay rights activists who have no children in the district. The left clearly understands that the easiest way to reorganize society is to change the minds of the next generation. Conservatives need to learn that, too, and pay close attention to what goes on in the public schools.

Listen to the radio commentary here:


AugustineThomas said...

This would be comedic if so many children weren't harmed by the evil of leftism.

Anonymous said...

I went through this same stupidity at work as directed by a transgendered supervisor. I couldn't use gender, age, ethnicity, size or any other qualifiers that might offend anyone? That was the epitome of PC ignorance and stupidity. These kind of people hate themselves and want others to hop on board the idiot train.

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