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Friday, December 12, 2014

We Are Not Citizens of the World

Nobody elected Barack Obama to clean up Africa. His job is to stop Ebola from coming into the United States and infecting Americans with that fatal disease. The lack of a sensible screening procedure by Obama’s agencies resulted in the need to quarantine an entire plane, filled with passengers, at Newark earlier this fall. A Liberian passenger had vomited, one symptom of Ebola. All passengers were ordered to remain in their seats for nearly two hours after the plane landed, and held for another two hours after they deplaned. Passengers complained about how poorly government officials handled this incident.

Ebola had actually already arrived earlier in the United States through Thomas Eric Duncan, an unemployed Liberian single man who had signed a form denying that he had any disease. The Liberia Airport Authority chairman now says Duncan lied on the form, and several of the hospital’s medical professionals had to be put under watch after treating Duncan. Five students at four different U.S. schools came into contact with Duncan, according to the Superintendent of Dallas Independent School District, and you can imagine the worries of their parents.

While refusing to sensibly secure our borders, U.S. officials announced that they expect an increase in Ebola-related incidents in the United States. With the massive influx of unchecked foreigners coming across our borders, including 130,000 from Central America since October, why are we surprised about this alarming spread of foreign diseases into the United States? Obama has failed to use his legal power to deny entry. Federal law gives the president the power to seal our borders to any class of aliens who pose a threat to the U.S., but Obama continues to insist it is unlikely that anyone with Ebola will reach our shores.

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