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Friday, January 09, 2015

Atheists Lose Case Against Colorado Day of Prayer

Atheist groups have been trying for years to get courts to rule against public prayer and any proclamation of Christian values. But their recent attempt in Colorado was met with a resounding “no.” Colorado Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper proclaimed a Day of Prayer, an annual Colorado tradition in connection with the National Day of Prayer.

The Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation sued the state on behalf of four Colorado residents who objected to this traditional proclamation. They called it unconstitutional, but the Colorado Supreme Court dismissed the legal challenge. A 5-2 majority, ruled that the lawsuit failed to show any “injury sufficient to establish individual standing.” In other words, no harm was done by the annual honorary proclamation.

Of course, the Freedom From Religion Foundation disagreed with the decision, saying they were indignant that “courthouse doors are being slammed shut against citizens whose freedom of conscience is being violated so blatantly by [what they called] theocratic elected officials.” The left continues its march to establish a new “right not to be offended,” and they are determined to silence our freedom of speech in the process.

The State Attorney General applauded the State Supreme Court’s decision and said this decision means that “other governors around the country…and future Colorado governors are free to issue honorary proclamations without fear of being tied up in court by special interest groups.” The attorney for Alliance Defending Freedom, who filed a brief supporting the state, said he believes this decision will keep public officials free for years ahead. We thank the lawyers who defended our constitutional freedom of religion recognized in both state and federal constitutions.

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