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Friday, January 23, 2015

Disenfranchising Citizens

In Colorado, votes are now cast entirely by mail, and there is little protection against voter fraud. A total of 3.6 million ballots were mailed to Coloradans based on addresses as old as 2008. One Colorado state senator said he has been to households that received as many as seven separate ballots, and the person now living there could vote all seven ballots without anyone noticing. Paid political activists, known as “harvesters,” can gather a dozen ballots of others and then dump them all in an unguarded drop box, and there is nothing that stops them from this fraud.

What happens to unused ballots that people throw out after receiving them in the mail? Most people do not shred their trash, so many unused ballots inevitably end up in apartment complex garbage bins where they are available to be gathered and filled in and voted by unscrupulous party workers. This lack of voting integrity makes it far from clear whether the election outcome will really reflect the will of the voters. The essential role played by poll watchers is impossible in Colorado’s system of mail-only balloting.

The corrupt practice of counting votes that were cast in the names of dead people reemerged in North Carolina in 2012. The executive director of that state’s election board reported that the votes of 81 dead people were counted, and a shocking total of 35,570 voters in North Carolina had the same last and first names and birth dates of voters who also cast ballots in other states. Many hundreds of those voters even had the same last four digits of their Social Security numbers as people having identical names and birthdays who voted in other states. The top priority of Obama’s Department of Justice has been to oppose voter ID laws passed by various states.

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