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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Feminism vs. Better Education

Which is more important: providing children with a quality education, or upholding feminist dogma? It should come as no surprise that feminists think children should take a back seat to the feminist agenda. We can see this on display in the debate over single-sex classrooms. As public schools look for ways for kids to get better scores, some are experimenting with single-sex classrooms.

Scientific evidence proves the value of this approach. Time Magazine reported studies that suggest girls’ and boys’ brains are “hard-wired” differently. These studies found that girls excel in cooperation while boys thrive in competition. Girls fall behind a bit in math, but boys have a harder time with reading and art. Some schools recognize these differences and use them to create a learning environment where all students can do better. Students need their parents’ permission to participate in single-sex classrooms and schools that follow this approach have seen grades and test scores improve.

However, the left opposes single-sex classrooms. Over the past few years, the ACLU filed ten administrative complaints with the Department of Education about Florida, Wisconsin, Idaho, and Texas schools, and sued schools in Louisiana, Alabama, Kentucky, and West Virginia. The schools they target have supposedly used “sex stereotypes” in their lesson plans. The feminists found it offensive when schools assigned boys’ a story about hunting and girls’ a love story. They call this type of teaching unconstitutional. Sadly, the Obama administration agrees and wants to banish all single-sex classrooms. This is another disaster created by feminism. Students who profit by single-sex classes will have that opportunity taken away from them because feminists are upset about stereotypes. The feminists don’t have facts on their side, but they do have the Obama administration, and that’s all they need to banish single-sex classrooms.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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Anonymous said...

I just heard this. I am very conservative and I'm telling you that I would NOT have done well in a same sex class. I am NOT a competitive guy and I was a very avid reader. So what are your views on this? Should I have been raised in a miserable classroom setting? Because that is what it would have been like for me to focus heavily on competition and minimize reading.

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