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Friday, February 27, 2015

Obama gives more American jobs to foreigners

NPR reports:
Upasana Kone, 26, moved from South India to the Seattle suburbs almost a year ago, after she got married. ...

Her husband is an engineer at Microsoft. He's here on what's called an H-1B visa, for highly skilled foreign workers, and it's estimated that more than half a million workers are in the U.S. on these visas at any given time. ...

President Obama recently announced an executive action to allow work permits for some tech spouses. ...

It's expected about 100,000 spouses would initially qualify, then 35,000 more each year after. But final details are still in the works.
This is one of the policies that has made Pres. Obama popular with the super-rich, and with businesses that like high American unemployment and cheap imported labor.

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